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Hornbeck Traditional Canoes

The Classic

Classic pack canoes have beams of 28" to 30". Their lines are curvaceous, with hollow cheeks in the bow and stern and a rounded belly in the middle. The net result is a very user-friendly, stable boat that's well-suited for fishing, photography and carrying gear, even in windy, wavy conditions. Available in Kevlar or matrix (Kevlar and carbon fiber), these are superlight boats with no gel or skin coat. The hulls are built with chemical bonds as opposed to physical bonds, making them highly resistant to delamination. Standard features include: rot-resistant cherry rails; soft, durable polyethylene foam seat; and light, tough aluminum Yakima foot braces (seat and foot braces adjusted for your anatomy).

Most Classic pack canoes are available in low, mid and high profiles. Your height, weight and preferences will determine the profile that's best for you.