Hornbeck Boats
Hornbeck perfect fit program
Most manufacturers of sporting goods offer a wide range of products designed to fit individual users. This is generally not true in paddle sports where it's one size fits all and that size usually seems to be men's medium. If you're a "woman's small" or "men's extra large" you are out of luck because the boat you are purchasing will never perform optimally on the water for you. We started addressing this problem after I purchased a bicycle at a high end bike shop. I was impressed with the wide range of bikes available in my size and the effort taken by the staff to insure that I got a bike that actually fit me. I've ridden bikes most of my life and this is the first bike that actually fit me. The difference is dramatic. I was convinced the bike shop model would work in paddle sports, so this is where Hornbeck Boats is today. We now offer over 40 different boats. One of these boats, along with our easily modifiable seat, backrest, and foot brace system will fit just about anyone. In addition we have staff who are trained, experienced, and patient, and a pond to demo boats and related equipment to insure that this happens. Paddling a boat that really fits is a real joy!