Hornbeck Boats
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Hornbeck Boats offers a wide variety of Werner double-bladed paddles, Astral life jackets and Yakima roof racks.

We'll make sure you get the correct size paddle for your boat and the correct size life jacket for your body.

We build our own lightweight oars and offer an oar rig for those who like to troll for fish.

Roof racks are the best way to carry a canoe, and we can install a system for you when you pick up your boat. We have Yakima racks, the installation service is $50. We are happy to show you how to secure your boat properly, and we can supply straps, rope, tie-down loops and, if necessary, foam blocks.

A custom backpack mount is available if you bring your own Kelty or Camp Trails external frame pack to the shop.

We have books, maps, sun hats, dry bags and mukluks to make your paddling a great experience. We can even modify a boat specifically to accommodate your dog.

Werner Ovation: $495
Werner Kalliste: $400
Werner Camano: $275
Werner Skagit CF: $180

Life Jackets
Astral V8 PFD: $119.95

Roof Racks
Q-Tower System: $370
Control Towers: $195
Rail Grab System: $284
BaseLine: $473
Skyline: $473
TimberLine: $377

Oar Rig: $375
Dog Boat: $150
Backpack Mount: $150

Rod Holder: $17.49
Clamp: $37.99
Cedar Mount: $30
Side Mount: $4.99
Adhesive Tape Measure: $8.99
Anchor, Rope & Bag: $24
Exterior Frame Pack: $180
Dry Bags: 5L: $23.95 -- 10L: $27.9 -- 20L: $32.95 -- 30L: $39.95 -- 40L: $49.95

Hornbeck Boats Hat: $27.95
Hornbeck Boats Water Bottle: $15
Water Bottle Holder: $30
Hornbeck Boats T-shirts: $20